Unit 0 - New Students / Intro

An introduction to myself and the basics of how my class is structured:

Here's an online copy of the syllabus with general expectations for my class:

Everything a new student needs to do to become part of my class:





September 10th, from 6 - 8 pm.  Bring your parents!



Video Notes and Tutorials

The videos below will provide the lessons and practice you need to be successful in class.  When asked to pause, do so and make an attempt, even if you are unsure of the answer.

Can't see the videos above?  Use the links below to open the videos in youtube or download them directly from our shared Google Drive:

Practice and Assignments

After watching the one of the videos above, complete the matching practice set below.  Finish by picking one or more options to demonstrate your mastery of each topic.


  0.0 -  Practice Set

  0.1 -  Practice Set   

  0.2 -  Practice Set


           Unit 0 Has NO Review  



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