Review:  CBA #1


Tomorrow is CBA #1, a district exam which will test your knowledge of Units 1 and 2. 


Follow these directions and you'll be completely prepared!


STEP 1: There are 5 steps to this review.  Scroll down and read them all BEFORE you begin!


STEP 2:  Pick up a paper copy of the "Review for CBA #1" from my center table.


STEP 3:  if you're confident with these topics, complete the review on your own and use the video below to CHECK your work.  If you need some more help, watch the video and use it as a lesson.


(scroll down, more steps below)



STEP 4  title a page in your journal "CBA #1 Review" and open the link below to the schoology review.  Compete this review a MINIMUM of 3 times, showing all work in your journal.  (your grade is the average of your attempts).


STEP 5:  If time allows, you may play Kahoot with your team.  One person will need to use their computer to host (the host can use their cell phone to join the game).  


Practice Exam

Go to schoology and take the CBA#1 Practice Exam three times.  Work out the final "bugs" in your understanding!


Kahoot (Game!)

Now that you're a pro - let everyone else know it too in the great Kahoot arena.  No brains, no glory!


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