Does my student have homework?
  • YES! Shards (see the link at left) are sent home 1-3 times per week. Notes usually need to be copied and vocabulary needs to be studied! There is NEVER a day where there is nothing to do for my class.
My student is failing, what do I do?
  • First, send me an e-mail at
  • I offer tutorials after school almost every day from 4-5 pm.
  • My door is always open, please come by and visit. If you would like, I would be happy to meet in person or talk over the phone.
How dangerous are chemistry labs?
  • There are always risks associated with going to lab. We spend the first 3 weeks of school going over safety procedures and learning how to handle a variety of hazards and the situations which can occur. Following directions and following basic safety procedures are required at all times, without exception. Labs are always supervised to ensure safety is being maintained.
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