Internal Assessments (IAs)

 Major Due Dates / Deadlines - 


    IA Rough Draft:     3/23

    IA Final Draft:        3/30


General Overview:  Internal Assessments (IAs) form 20% of your overall grade in this course, with the other 80% determined by your results on the IB chemistry exam:


                                                  ------------------------------------ IB Exam -------------------------------------


     IA (Investigation)               Paper 1 (MC)                Paper 2 (FR)               Paper 3 (Options)

               20%                                    20%                               40%                                 20%         




So, what is an IA?   In essence, the IA is a student created research project.  More importantly, you have the opporunity to explore a topic of your own choosing!  


                     -  Choose a topic which interests you.

                     -  Research that topic and form a focused question.

                     -   Consider the variables and design an experiment targeting your question.

                     -   Collect experimental data, analyze it, and revise your design as needed.

                     -   Interpret your results and attempt to answer the question.

                     -  Write a 6-12 page report summarizing your data, design, and conclusions.



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