Exemplar IAs

Internal Assessments tend to fall into 3 categories depending on the way in which data is being collected or processed:


Practical / Hands-on:  this is a traditional format in which the IA is structured around data collected in a lab setting.  Most of our experimentation is similar to this form of IA.


Database:  this type of IA analyzes and re-processes data collected by other researchers in a new or unique way.  Thnk of it as a reinterpretation of existing data.


Modeling / Simulation:  computer software such as chemsketch allows for reasonably realistic models of atoms and molecules to be created or manipulated.  This form of IA is usually built around the shape or structure of molecules as predicted by the modeling software being used.


Practical Exemplars:

Database Examplars:



Modeling / Simulation Exemplars:

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