Unit 13 - Electrochemistry

In this unit, we'll explore the flow of electrons in chemical reactions.  Along the way, we'll discuss batteries, oxidation/reduction, and some of the most powerful chemical reactions known to mankind.

Step 1:  Acquire the Notes

The files available below are copies of the materials provided in class.  The versions below are in color and should be used for quick reference or to make copies if you are unable to pick up a set in class.


New file download

Step 2:  Watch, Learn, and Practice

Work through the videos and matching notes below at your own pace to learn the basics of each concept in this unit.  Pause and play frequently - be an active learner!

Can't see the videos above?  Use the links below to open the videos in youtube or download them directly from our shared Google Drive:

Step 3:  Pass the Self-Check (Good)

Open the "Practice and Review" folder on schoology and complete the matching Self-Check assignments for the notes above.  These short assignments will test to see if you have a basic understanding of the topic.  You may earn up to 1.25 points on your progress check if you make a 100.  If you're struggling at this point, join the mini-lesson in class!

Step 4:  Pass the Practice Set (Better)

These self-grading assignments present a wide variety of challenging real-world problems.  Complete them to prove your mastery of each topic.  Your score on the practice set (PS) determines their worth on your progress log:


 Passing = 0.5 points  /  90%+ = 1 point  /  100% = 1.25 points


Final Steps and Exam Review (Best)

Chemhelp reviews are larger practice sets which contain a sampling of easy, medium, and hard questions from each section.  They are scored in the same manner as practice sets, above.



You may also complete the reviews on schoology found in the "Practice and Review" folder. These reviews consist of a random set of questions pulled from the test banks and are scored in the same way as practice sets.



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